Pura natura 100 base
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Bases for Milk Flavour Gelato

Pura Natura 100 Base

Free from emulsifiers and flavourings and with a neutral flavour and an opaque and creamy structure, thanks to the presence of grape sugar, vegetable fibres and milk proteins. To guarantee optimal and longer-lasting preservation on display, two exclusively vegetable origin stabilisers - guar and carob - are used making the ice cream even silkier and warmer on the palate.

Gluten Free

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Base Briogel 100 S.A. "F"
Base Briogel 100 S.A. "F"


With animal fats but without added flavours, it gives gelato a dry and compact structure even when processed cold.

Milkapan 50 “h/c"
Milkapan 50 "H/C"


Contains cream and provides the base mix with asignificant fat content that affords the product a particularly pleasant and rich flavour. Has a delightful milk flavour.

Briogel 50
Briogel 50


This does not contain fats or flavourings and gives the ice cream a dry and compact structure, thanks above all, to its maltodextrin content. Neutral flavour.

Suprema base 100
Suprema Base 100


Featuring a delicate milk flavour, this base is high in fat content (50%) and is ideal for creating particularly voluminous ice creams that are warm on the palate. Milk flavour.