Cheesecake flavor
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Cheesecake Flavor

A highly-soluble powder flavouring that is used cold and added to the milk base to give the ice cream a characteristic cheese flavour. Contains real powdered cheese. Ideal for using combined with fruit ripples. Can be preserved at length at room temperature.

Gluten Free

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Limone 50
Limone 50


A product made using dehydrated lemon juice with the addition of other ingredients which make it water soluble. Perfect for making ice creams, sorbets and granita slush ices. Fat and dairy free.

Mascarpone 30 Flavor
Mascarpone 30 Flavor


A powdered flavour enhancer for cold use. To be added to the milk base togive the ice cream the characteristic flavour of mascarpone cheese.

Milk & cream flavor
Milk & Cream Flavor


In line with current market trends, where there is increasing demand forproducts with an intense and natural flavour, Milk & Cream contains onlynatural aromas. As the recipe contains powdered cream, it gives the ice creama delicate and pleasant flavour of cream, whilst also increasing its creamytexture.

Cheesecake base
Cheesecake Base


For milk-based ice creams with a great cream cheese flavour and a light-yellowcolour. Free from hydrogenated vegetable fats.