the company

Giuso Guido. For a century at the service of your creativity. 

Giuso Guido is the Italian company that has made excellence its “raison d’être”.  Founded in 1919 as a small factory that specialized in sour black cherries, jams, and candied fruits, in over a century it has become a reference for artisans in search of the best ingredients for gelato and pastry. Together with MEC3, a world leading company in the production of ingredients for artisanal gelato, Modecor Italiana  a reference company on a European level in the production of decorations for pastry products and Pernigotti Maestri Gelatieri Italiani, they form the Group Casa Optima, a great reality made up of people, quality and professionalism.  

To meet the needs of tomorrow is our mission.  

We value craftsmanship, we carefully monitor the needs of the sector and we build solid business relationships: the protagonists of our Mission are both small and large customers, who, like us, carry out their work every day with passion, paying special attention to quality.

It’s for our customers complete satisfaction that we are constantly looking for innovative solutions to combine with naturalness, which is cornerstone of our company and the strong point of our products that are formulated with respect for the future in which we believe, ethical, responsible and transparent.  

a story made of values


Every day we dedicate our utmost attention to the choice of raw materials and the production procedures. We believe that human capital is the most precious asset, which is why we carefully choose the individuals who enter the Giuso family and we only work with partners who share our values.


We treasure the experience and teachings received in over a century of history, and still today, every day we place them at the basis of all our decisions. We don’t forget where we started and with what objectives, this is the key to our success.


Fundamental for our success pushing us to see beyond the ordinary, with the determination to improve every day: this is the reason why we constantly invest all our efforts and resources in Research & Development to pursue innovation in ingredients , in technology and procedures.


Not just a promise: we are transparent in our methods of work, in production and organization procedures, in the formulation of products and labels, in the relations with suppliers and the customers to whom we guarantee the best service for maximum satisfaction.


It’s Giuso’s trademark, it’s the value that has led the company to exceed in its limits, to face challenges with the objective of always offering the best products in the sector to the market. Passion is the fuel that continues to power our engine, now more than ever at full speed.


history and territory

Giuso’s story goes back a long way it all began in 1919, within the walls of a tiny factory specialized in the production of jams and candied fruit. From the fruit orchards of Abbadia, in the territory of Spigno Monferrato, the company harvested precious raw materials destined to a workshop in which a dream was cultivated: to become a point of reference in the sweetest of sectors.  

In the 70’s as a leader in the market of fruit processing, particularly cherries and sour cherries, the company decided to enter the world of gelato, launching a revolutionary range of products for the production of  gelato with real fruit all year round. Immediately the winning ingredients of the Giuso recipe emerged: farsightedness and innovation.   

At the start of the new millennium, the concept of naturalness, very dear to Giuso, led the company to pursue the “path of pureness”, to guarantee the offer of products with genuine and natural ingredients with excellent performance.

Today with a century of experience, Giuso is one of the leading companies in the production of compound ingredients and semi-finished products for pastry and gelato making, a virtuous example of Made in Italy in the world. The love for its history and the desire to anticipate the future have led the company to success and guide the business in the new headquarters of Bistagno in the province of Alessandria : a factory with a technological soul and an eco-friendly heart. 

The move to this new reality with its modern design dates back to 2012, designed according to the requirements of the team with a low environmental impact structure, the 2.700 m2of hanging gardens and 2. 500 m2  of cultivated green areas are an example of the love Giuso has for its territory, Piedmont, and for the people to whom it wishes to continue to return all the value and wealth they deserve.

Technology at the service of tradition. 

The new headquarters in Bistagno accommodate the entire production line divided into highly specialized, technological, and automated departments that use the most modern installations in the sector. It’s  from our Research & Development laboratory, “headquarters of innovation” ,which involves both the entire production cycle and Quality Assurance activities,an exam which all products must pass before they can wear our name, that the innovative impulse starts exalting and sometimes reinventing tradition.

Our production procedures:

Traditional Slow Process:

all candied fruit is produced with the traditional "French candying" method, a process of osmosis of sugars, very slow and gradual, that gives the fruit stability over time without altering the main organoleptic properties, preserving its softness and taste.

Minimal Processing:

purees, marmalades, jams, and other specialties are prepared following vacuum-packed concentration procedures at low temperatures so that water slowly evaporates, and fruit is concentrated without alterations.

Gentle Roasting & Refining:

The production of the dried fruit and the oily nut pastes begins with a homogeneous and efficient toasting cycle to reach the heart of the product. The raw materials are initially processed to keep the organoleptic fruit properties intact whilst the subsequent refining guarantees a paste with a homogeneous structure.

Not just a simple laboratory 

The quest for excellence begins in our laboratory through a series of irreplaceable resources:

  • Internal team of specially trained tasters.  
  • research projects developed in collaboration with qualified institutions, external entities, and universities.   
  • State-of-the-art laboratory equipment. 
  • market analysis conducted by qualified independent research companies. 
  • constant and exclusive collaboration with the best Master Pastry and Gelato chefs. 

The numbers of our success

  • 19 million euro investment
  • 11.000 m2 total surface area
  • 1.500 kw of power installed
  • 85 tons per day of maximum production capacity 
  • 2.500 m2 of cultivated areas and 2.700 m2 of hanging gardens for greater environmental sustainability.

in the name of excellence

Our certifications:

We don’t just want to meet the expectations of our customers: we want to do much more; we want to exceed these expectations. This is the reason why our work has been recognised worldwide through the most important certifications in the sector.

ISO 9001:2015 

Our company was one of the first to receive this certification concerning corporate quality management at 360°.  

FSSC 22000 

A certification concerning food safety and HACCP standards.

Integrated company policy for the environment and safety

Company Policies





Our Partnerships to structure the future of sweetness. 

During recent years Giuso has established numerous partnerships and educational events with leading performers from the Italian training scene in the pastry and gelato sectors, with the intention of transmitting their passion and experience to the pastry and gelato chefs of tomorrow.

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