Setafrù 50
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Fruit Ice Cream Bases

Setafrù 50

Thanks to the emulsifiers it contains, it can develop a very intense overrun, giving the ice cream an excellent creamy quality. It does not contain fats and is dairy free. Neutral flavour.

Gluten Free
Without added milk derivatives

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Multibase 50
Multibase 50


Characterised by the fact it does not contain either milk derivates or added fats. Suitable for making both milkbased and water-based ice creams. In water-based fruit ice creams it guarantees a sorbet-like structure, an intense colour and a clean and marked taste.



A product packed with quality ingredients for creating excellent fruit ice cream. The recipe is simple: just use Fruttosiomix, water and lots of fresh or frozen fruit. Its main feature is that it allows users to prepare ice cream with a sorbet-like structure, without the use of saccharose or milk derivates. In fact, the sugar used in this base is fructose, fruit’s natural sugar, which helps consumers savour the ice cream better, thanks to its qualities as flavour enhancer.The product also contains a lot of fibres that make improve digestibility and help the structure of the ice cream.

Fruicrem 100
Fruicrem 100


This is the fruit base that has the creamiest effect. The structure of the ice cream produced is very smooth and dry with a very high overrun and this enables the ice cream to be kept at length without the risk of “small wells” forming in the tubs. Fat and dairy free.