Perfection is our only perspective.

In the world of Giuso, perfection means passion, innovation, and care. It means high quality materials, precise procedures, know-how that has been handed down for over a hundred years. It means constantly challenging the standards, looking towards the future without ever settling for second best.

Perfection is our commitment in every gesture, in every product for every customer. A continuous journey, an art that evolves every day with passion and thought, together with research and constant innovation.


Discover the secret behind the outstanding quality of our candied fruits. Ask for information now and let yourself be conquered by the Giuso quality!

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For over a century, knowing how to look to the future.

Over a hundred years of passion and innovation in the production of ingredients for pastry and gelato. From artisanal tradition to continuous research, we embody perfection.

Explore our history and our products. Live the Giuso experience.


Our selection of Amordifrutta products for a journey towards Perfection.

Amordifrutta Arancia

From the best oranges, Washington, and Navel cultivars of Calabria, peeled by hand to preserve the precious essential oils, Amordifrutta orange is born.
The peel is candied as per tradition with the French candying system and the use of our exclusive sugar syrup renewed with each production.
Fragrance, colour, taste, and consistency of the fresh orange peel remain unaltered thanks to the slow and natural osmosis, at controlled humidity and temperatures.

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Amordifrutta Albicocche a cubetti

Selected apricots with a golden colour, sweet and fragrant with a delicate skin.
Thanks to the cold candying through the slow and natural osmosis developed by Giuso, the apricot cubes preserve the valuable organoleptic characteristics of the fresh fruit, including the fleshy consistency and velvety skin.
The exclusive generous size of the cubes differentiates and enhances every artisanal leavened product.

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Amordifrutta Fragole in sciroppo

Small, fragrant, and succulent: these are the Senga Sengana variety strawberries.
Candying them preserving all their organoleptic characteristics is a challenge that has been brilliantly overcome by Giuso, thanks to the cold process of slow and natural osmosis.
Amordifrutta Strawberry is a precious ingredient of the highest quality for use in classic and modern pastry-making.

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Amordifrutta Frutti di Bosco

Raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, currants: these berries are delicious yet very delicate and fragile.
Giuso has developed a method and exclusive technologies that allow French cold candying, where the pure syrup candies them very slowly and the fruits do not undergo any heat treatment.
This is the only way we provide the Artisanal experts with berries that retain completely natural consistencies, flavours, and aromas.

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Amordifrutta Lampone

The Willamette raspberry variety is the best in terms of taste and acidic delicacy.
Thanks to our innovative cold candying procedure Giuso produces Amordifrutta Raspberry, precious candied fruit that preserves beauty and all the organoleptic characteristics thanks to the slow and natural osmosis.
A delicate fruit that is candied excellently for modern pastry creations, for oven baked products and even for gelato.

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Discover the secret behind the extraordinary quality of our candied fruits. Ask for details now and be enticed by the quality designed by Giuso!

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