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White cuzcomousse

This product combines the best chocolates and best raw materials with the latest technologies to create a pure chocolate mousse. It is characterised by the use of pure sprayed chocolate and contains 30% white chocolate. It is made without added fats and with only natural aromas and used to create uniquely flavoured white chocolate mousse: delicate, sweet but not pasty. Uses: mousses, puddings, display desserts, plated desserts.

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Product derived from the great domestic bakery tradition. It is a preparation for the production of an excellent Italian meringue, practical, safe and fast. No added aromas and used with water. Uses: production of classic semifreddo, lighten cream, decorations.



Cream enhancer since it keeps it soft with a long-lasting structure. It also resolves the syneresis problem (water/fat separation) and is ideal when the cream structure requires long-lasting hold. Can be used with a whisk and blender and does not contain aromas. Uses: cream for semifreddo production, cream for cake decorations, cream for cup garnish.

Gg ovo


Modern laws and quality and hygiene consistency needs make this egg yolk and sugar based product a precious ingredient in recipes. The special pasteurisation process with mild technology preserves the natural organoleptic properties of the egg yolk, all high quality, used in the recipe. It is only made with egg yolk and sugar, without aroma or preservatives.

Ready Tiramisu Base


Ready-to-use base ideal for both negative and positive modern pastry applications (semifreddi, mousse and spoon desserts). Easy to use with the only addition of cold milk.