Perfetto -18
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Perfetto -18

It is a structuring and stabiliser for whipped cream, that can be cut at even -18 temperature. High quality and high impact semifreddos can be quickly created with Perfect - 18. To be used with or without eggs, it can be used with a whisk or blender. Without added fat. Uses: traditional semifreddo, decorations.

Gluten Free

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Product derived from the great domestic bakery tradition. It is a preparation for the production of an excellent Italian meringue, practical, safe and fast. No added aromas and used with water. Uses: production of classic semifreddo, lighten cream, decorations.

White cuzcomousse
White Cuzcomousse


This product combines the best chocolates and best raw materials with the latest technologies to create a pure chocolate mousse. It is characterised by the use of pure sprayed chocolate and contains 30% white chocolate. It is made without added fats and with only natural aromas and used to create uniquely flavoured white chocolate mousse: delicate, sweet but not pasty. Uses: mousses, puddings, display desserts, plated desserts.

Semifreddo (chilled dessert) base
Semifreddo (Chilled Dessert) Base


An innovative base designed to optimise the yield, structure and hold of semifreddo chilled desserts in counter-top tubs. Using only 150 g per litre of fresh cream, it is possible to create a soft, creamy and delicately-flavoured cream using a planetary mixer. Does not contain ingredients such as fats and emulsifiers and contains only natural flavourings.



A structuring and stabiliser for cream based preparations to be served at positive temperatures (0°C / 4°C). Efficiently substitutes traditional jelly (isinglass), since easier to use since it need not be heated. It is made without added fats.