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Superpremium Paste Line

Tiramisù paste

The basic ingredients in this popular paste are eggs, sugar, DOC Marsala wine and Arabica coffee. Ideal for flavouring ice cream and creams thanks to its low dosage, 60/70 g per k. As for ice cream, we recommend you complete the presentation with sponge cake or lady fingers soaked in coffee and sprinkled with 22/24 Giuso cocoa

See also

Peanut paste


A high quality paste obtained from 100% real roasted peanuts. Used to make ice cream with a highly distinctive flavour yet smooth, soft and not sticky.

Pine Nut Superpremium Paste


Pine nut paste with a sweet, aromatic flavor and a light brown color.

Zabaglione paste for ice cream


The large success gained over the years is due to its special recipe, the result of age-old ingredients and production rules. Eggs, DOC Marsala wine and sugar are the ingredients used to make this paste whose simplicity reaches excellence. The “P” version has a darker colour with a slightly more dense structure. Ideal in flavouring cream also due to the lower quantity of alcohol.

Extra premium pistachio paste


Made using a very high percentage of select pistachios of Mediterranean origin; without using sugar or flavourings, with colourants from vegetable extracts, it enables you to make ice cream that is bright green in colour with intense flavour.