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Traditional Pastes

Delizia Pistachio Paste

Made using Californian pistachios, the paste contains a very low quantity of chlorophyll and turmeric (<1%), to give the gelato a delicate green colour.

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Delizia Hazelnut Paste


This is a product that boasts a very high percentage of hazelnuts. For a brown gelato with a lightly toasted flavour and an intense and strong aroma, thanks to the careful selection of premium hazelnuts.

Extra premium pistachio paste


Made using a very high percentage of select pistachios of Mediterranean origin; without using sugar or flavourings, with colourants from vegetable extracts, it enables you to make ice cream that is bright green in colour with intense flavour.

Pdo 100% bronte green pistachio paste

01194155 - 01194225

The top of the line, with 100% PDO Bronte Green Pistachios, a fruit with a flavour and aroma universally recognised as unique and special. In fact, the Bronte pistachio is sweet, delicate and aromatic. Characterised by the natural brownish/green colour of the ground fruit, PDO Gold 100% Bronte Pistachio is made: without colorants, preservatives, aromas or added oils.