Complet 250 "h/c"
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Complet Base

Complet 250 "h/c"

Rich in well-balanced ingredients that give the ice cream a solid and compact structure. Ideal for creating ice creams that combine quality and simplicity, they are used only with water and sugar. Milk flavour.

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Complet plus "h/c"
Complet plus "h/c"


Featuring a fresh and delicate milk flavour this is made using non-hydrogenated vegetable fats and with added fibres and milk proteins that guarantee good, long-lasting resistance on display. The core of stabilisers and emulsifiers work effectively even cold, making it possible to obtain excellent quality ice cream with the addition of just milk.

Complet 550 “a c/f"
Complet 550 “a c/f"


Features a fresh and delicate milk flavour. Just add a litre of water to 550 g of product to create ice creams that are well-balanced, easy to scoop and long-lasting on display.

Complet 100 “c”
Complet 100 “c”


Features a fresh and delicate milk flavour and guarantees ice cream that is easy to scoop and has a very fine, warm and velvety texture. Packed with stabilising fats, it gives ice cream excellent creaminess and good resistance on display. Milk flavour.

Base Complet 200 C/F
Complet 200 C/F


With vegetable fats, and rich in well balanced ingredients, which give the gelato a solid and compact structure even with cold development.