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Gold Line

Gold gianduja paste

Only domestic hazel nuts and cocoa for this leading Giuso Gold Line product which, by expertly balancing these two ingredients, provides an excellent interpretation of the flavour of Gianduja. Like all products in the Gold Line, Gianduja is produced without aromas, colorants, preservatives or added oils.

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Pdo 100% bronte green pistachio paste

01194155 - 01194225

The top of the line, with 100% PDO Bronte Green Pistachios, a fruit with a flavour and aroma universally recognised as unique and special. In fact, the Bronte pistachio is sweet, delicate and aromatic. Characterised by the natural brownish/green colour of the ground fruit, PDO Gold 100% Bronte Pistachio is made: without colorants, preservatives, aromas or added oils.

Gold almond paste


The use of only roasted and refined Sicilian almonds guarantees high purity and excellent quality for this product. A delicate but distinctive flavour characterises Almond, which is a true cornerstone in the Giuso tradition. Like all products in the Gold Line, Almond is produced without aromas, colorants, preservatives or added oils.

Piedmont hazelnut paste igp dark gold


A truly excellent product, made exclusively using toasted and refined 100% Piedmont Hazelnuts IGP. Considered the best in terms of aroma, sweetness, fragrance and oxidation resistance, Piedmont Hazelnuts are known by their perfectly round shape which allows for perfect peeling and even toasting of the entire fruit. The paste is characterised by its intense and unique taste, due to special toasting which enhances typical notes of flavour, while maintaining the distinctive roundness of taste of the Piedmont Hazelnut IGP. Colour is intense yet balanced. As with all the products in the Gold Line, this product is also made without added aromas, colourants, preservatives, or oils.

Gold whole sicilian pistachio paste


A truly special proposal for those who seek a pistachio with a unique flavour and structure. Made with the best pistachios from Sicily, gently roasted and slightly refined to obtain an especially clean taste and raw structure where traces of the fruit can still be tasted and appreciated. The Whole Sicilian Pistachio is made: without, colorants, preservatives, aromas or added oils.