Pistachio paste
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Traditional Pastes

Pistachio Paste

Pistachio and almond base. The recipe is characterised by the addition of sugar. Green.

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Whisky paste
Whisky Paste


A concentrated paste with a full-bodied, rounded, and delicately liquor-flavoured taste. Contains 25% pure malt real scotch whisky, which provides the ice cream with a balanced and unique flavour. Only uses natural colourants. Also excellent in baking for the flavouring of creams and ganaches.

Mascotta (mascarpone & ricotta) paste
Mascotta (Mascarpone & Ricotta) Paste


Mascarpone and ricotta cheese based, it is characterised by the delicate note of sweet cheese. Ice cream made with Mascotta well adapts to ripples. It can also be used for mascarpone flavoured tiramisu, combined with egg cream or zabaione paste

Coffee paste
Coffee Paste


Roasted coffee and hazel nut base. The recipe is characterised by the addition of sugar.

Sicilian cassata paste
Sicilian Cassata Paste


It reinterprets the classic dessert from our bakery tradition relying on high ingredient quality. Specifically, the Giuso Sicilian Cassata is: 100% natural, made with natural aromas with a citrus note and pleasant touch of almond, enriched with candied orange and citron cubes from the Giuso Amordifrutta Line (60% candied fruit in the paste).