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Cuzco Line

Cuzco chocolate and milk

With real chocolate and milk, characterized by the presence of only natural flavourings, for a clear, delicate gelato but with a strong personality and very trendy.

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Cuzco dominican republic with dark chocolate (without milk derivatives)


With cocoa mass and cocoa of only Dominican Republic origin, it’s possible to createa gelato with a marked, persistent and gratifying taste, suitable for lovers of very dark chocolate.Without flavourings. A bitter taste, characterized by strong aromatic and fruity notes. Without added milk derivatives.

Cuzco Variegate White With Cocoa Grue


A white chocolate variegate, enriched with cocoa grue, that offers the palate a delightful and crunchy fragrance.

Cuzco dark chocolate total black (without milk derivatives)


This chocolate gelato without added milk derivatives is characterized by anintense and robust flavour. The use of a very dark cocoa naturally gives it anextremely black colour, without the addition of colours.

Cuzco dark chocolate black (without milk derivatives)


With real dark chocolate, it’s possible to create a chocolate gelato without added milk derivatives,very dark in colour with an intense, balanced and full flavour. Characterized by the presenceof only natural flavourings.