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I Virtuosi del Gelato

Ice cream nourishes the soul and delights the palate. It is an art in itself, and like any form of art it needs a mind for it to be conceived and hands for it to be created.

At Giuso we believe in the handiwork of artisans, the inspiration of artists, the daring innovation of visionaries. We give importance to the creative and seductive power of taste.

However, how valued are ice-cream makers and how appreciated their work?
Giuso aims at highlighting the value, all too often belittled or ignored, of ice-cream makers and their products. To this end, we decided to launch the project


I Virtuosi del Gelato (the Ice-cream Virtuosi) is an interactive platform for professionals working in the industry. It introduces and shares new ideas, promotes initiatives and opportunities, and highlights the quality of ice-cream.

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