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Each day we place the utmost attention on selecting raw materials for our products and monitoring production processes. We believe that human resources are the most valuable asset a company can have: for this reason, we highly focus on recruiting the people who will join the Giuso family and only work with successful partners who share our values.


Over 90 years of history, experience, know-how. An adventure that began back in 1919, between the walls of a small laboratory specialised in the production of marmalade and candied fruit. We have taken the teachings we’ve received to hear and still today, and every day, we base our decisions on them which have guaranteed our company’s success over time and continue to confirm our leadership in the sector.


Our new home best represents the commitment and resources we dedicate to Research & Development, an activity that has distinguished this company since its establishment. Key to our success has been pushing beyond standards, with the will to constantly improve our work every day: for this reason we continue to pursue innovation in ingredients, processes and technologies used.


This is not a simple promise but an actual work method that effects every aspect of our work, from production processes to business processes and from institutional communications to the product. Internal transparency, just like product formulation and labels, and external, in relations with suppliers and Customers, who are guaranteed the best service to achieve their highest satisfaction.


The Giuso name brand, the secret that has led our company for almost a full century to exceed its limits and meet any type of challenge, always with the aim to offer the best sector products on the market. This passion drives us to continue persevere, now more than ever, full speed ahead.

Code of Ethics

Charter of Values and Code of Ethics

Scarica "Charter of Values and Code of Ethics" (EN)