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Every commendable history has deep roots. Giuso’s date back to 1919, within the walls of a small laboratory specialised in the production of jams and candied fruit. The orchards then owned by the founding family can still be seen in our historic archives (Abbadia hamlet in the Montaldo region in the Spigno Monferrato area), orchards the newfound company harvested its raw materials for its jams and delicious candied fruit. A dream was nurtured in that laboratory: to become a point of reference in the sector and offer the best, most innovative and genuine products on the market.

Combining know-how and technological progress over time, our range has always stood out for its innovative ingredients, recipes and production processes aimed to best meet the end consumers’ expectations. From our first steps at the end of the 60s we have mainly focused our resources and energy on confectionary products, especially fruit processing, confirming our sales leadership in cherries and sour cherries. In the 70s, the first synergic product lines for the confectionary and ice cream sector represented a significant evolution for our business. The "natural balanced fruit" line, for example, was an authentic market revolution. In fact, since then fruit flavoured ice cream was only made with fresh fruit: For the first time the new Giuso product offered the chance to use natural yet preserved fruit, with an extraordinary service content for ice cream manufacturers who could thus produce and offer ice cream with real fruit all year long. Shortly later, bases, neutrals, fatty pastes and creams, concentrated fruit pastes, ripples and toppings followed leading to a specialised line for cold desserts. At the dawn of the new millennium we undertook the “purity route", a careful analysis of the formulation of our main lines to offer products which, at the same performance levels, are able to guarantee natural ingredients without the addition of preservative, colorants and aromas.

Foresight and courage have brought us a long way and, after almost a full century, our founder’s dream has come true. Giuso SpA is now a leader in the production of mixed and semi-processed ingredients for the confectionary and ice cream worlds, a virtuous example of Made in Italy with over 600 references in our portfolio and 35 countries serviced throughout the world. A success that was able to overcome market obstacles and challenges due to the values that have always distinguished our work: quality, tradition, innovation, transparency, passion. Values found in every aspect of our work, starting from each of our product to the new factory in Bistagno (AL), able to combine technology, eco-sustainability and environmental protection. From here Guido Giuso’s dream continues, looking to the future with optimism, bolstered by our history and our work.