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The exterior aspect of the new factory in Bistagno will already impress you and we’re convinced the interior will astonish you even more. The factory houses the entire Giuso production line, divided into numerous highly specialised and automated departments. Tons of candied fruit, pastes and powder mixes are processed and packaged by systems that we can still define as forerunners in the sector, designed and developed in association with our experience to guarantee incomparable results. Never resting on our laurels, our professionals diligently work in the Research & Development laboratory , a spark of innovation that involves and influences both the entire production cycle (machinery and production processes) and Quality Assurance, a test that all products must pass in order to wear our name.

Our production processes:

Traditional Slow Process: all candied fruit is produced with the traditional "French candying", a sugar osmosis process, very slow and gradual, that grants fruit stability over time and does not alter the main organoleptic properties, preserving the softness and flavour;

Minimal Processing: purees, marmalades, jams and other specialties are made by vacuum packed concentration at low temperatures so that water slowly evaporates and fruit is concentrated without alterations;

Gentle Roasting & Refining: the special dried fruit and oily nut paste production process begins with a homogeneous and efficient toasting cycle to reach the heart of the product; raw materials are initially processed to keep the organoleptic fruit properties in tact while the following refining guarantees homogeneous paste structures.

Our laboratory’s pursuit of excellence:

• specifically trained and qualified in-house taster panels;

• research projects developed in association with qualified institutions, outsourced organisations and universities;

• latest generation laboratory equipment;

• market analyses conducted by accredited independent research firms;

• constant and exclusive association with only qualified Pastry and Ice cream Masters.