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In operations since 2012, the new Giuso factory is located in Bistagno, in the province of Alessandria. The plant features faithfully reflect our business' distinctive characteristics: in short, the will to expand and innovate, always.

Our roots

Perhaps it would have been easier to work in the core industrial areas in the country, building our current factory elsewhere. Perhaps it would have been advantageous to out source part of our production. Perhaps. But we at Giuso believe that entrepreneurial intelligence should not only be evaluated based on economic logic, now more then ever in discussion, but especially on the ability to make pioneering and responsible choices, coherent with our history. For this reason we decided to keep our roots in Piedmont. For this reason we remain tied to a land and local economy that has given a lot to our business over time and to which we are committed to return the value and wealth they deserves.

The headquarters

A home designed to meet market challenges and the needs of all those who belong to our family: able to achieve 85-ton daily production, the new factory combines workplace quality and respect for the environment, generating a low environmental impact building with a modern design. Over 11,000 square metre surface area occupied by laboratories, production departments, offices and warehouse. 2,700 square metre terraced gardens, 2,500 square metres of greenery and additional space for future expansion. A giant with a technological hear, a green choice perfectly in-line with our philosophy and our production reality, that proudly presents a wide range of products with strictly natural ingredients.